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Calls for new national anthem (article by Bernard Lane in The Australian, June 25, 2001)

"NSW National Party senator Sandy McDonald is just the latest to dismiss Advance Australia Fair as boring and outmoded. He won't be the last."

"Some Christians believe a godly verse has also been removed, although this is dismissed as an urban myth by one of the better websites devoted to the anthem (".

Vanstone sings our anthem's praises (from The Courier Mail, 24 June 2001)

"FEDERAL frontbencher Amanda Vanstone today admitted she does not sing the national anthem well but dismissed a colleague's call for a new one unless it was better than Advance Australia Fair."

"National Party senator Sandy Macdonald last night labelled Advance Australia Fair an outdated, boring and meaningless song."

"He called for debate on the anthem before Australians went to sleep singing it."

Why Was She Born So Beautiful? (from Column 8 in The Sydney Morning Herald , June 23, 2001)

"The renewed debate about the worthiness of Advance Australia Fair has prompted this musing from Anita Ryan, of Margaret River, WA: 'Is it just my imagination, or is our national anthem set to the tune of Why Was She Born So Beautiful?'"

Prime Minister John Howard speaks on Advance Australia Fair (ABC radio interview, January 25, 2001)

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"I voted in 1977 for Waltzing Matilda. But, can I say now that we have voted for and increasingly embraced the singing of Advance Australia Fair, I am personally against any mucking around and changing. I mean you can't keep changing national symbols like this. I mean you now my views on the Australian flag and even though, you know, when the opportunity was there I had a different view, I think that Advance Australia Fair has grown in affection in the hearts of Australians and the experience of it at the Olympic Games was extraordinary. "

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley in 2001 "I stand up on behalf of girt" (Doorstop interview, 21 June 2001)

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JOURNALIST: Mr Beazley, ...republic support the National Anthem?

BEAZLEY: Well, the National Anthem is not contradictory to an Australian republic, it is a multi-disciplinary National Anthem that applies both to a situation whether a constitutional monarchy or a republic. I guess having got everybody to learn the words and the tune with great arduous endeavour in the Australian education system over the course of the last, what, 25-30 years it would be a bit inconvenient to try a new one.

JOURNALIST: Sandy Macdonald says it is boring, meaningless, should be scrapped. In this Federation year is it worth looking at a different anthem?

BEAZLEY: Well, look. I stand up on behalf of girt. Girt by sea needs to be celebrated and if we can't do that regularly when Australia enjoys its sporting triumphs, at the beginning or our school assemblies and I think something would be lost that is new and decent and essential to the Australian character.

See also: Senator reignites debate over national anthem (ABC News Thursday June 21 2001)

Advance Australia Fair strikes a sour note (article by Craig Emerson in The Australian, 2 January 2001)

"OUR home is girt by sea. This must rank as one of the worst lines of any national anthem. That Australia is an island should be pretty obvious, but is our anthem girt by a sea of mediocrity? "

" If you agree that "girt by sea" is a bit crook, you should check the internet ( for the verses that were mercifully discarded, including the one declaring 'Britannia rules the waves'."

    (Craig Emerson is the ALP MHR for Rankin)

Can we advance Australia's anthem? (article by Mungo McCallum in The Age, Monday 15 January 2001)

"...but even McCormick's greatest fans are forced to admit that Advance Australia Fair is no Marseillaise. While its adoption did not herald the end of civilisation as we know it, as Whitlam's more excitable critics fearlessly predicted, it didn't inspire a patriotic renaissance either."

" of the complaints from aspiring writers back in 1975 was that there are so few rhymes to "Australia"; the only obvious one is "failure", which is clearly inappropriate. But this is a cop out, as the following modest effort shows:"

Prevail Australia!
We'll not derail ya
As long as there's azalea
To espalier.
So inter alia
Unveil yer dahlia
All hail yer
Gay regalia
Our Australia.

Genesis Networks - Advance Australia Fair - Dr Sharwood's Revised Version

"An alternative set of verses to "Advance Australia Fair" has been written by Dr Robin Lorimer Sharwood, fourth Warden of Trinity College in The University of Melbourne. This is now the official version for use within St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne."

The National Anthem of Australia

"His Excellency, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, issued the following Proclamation on 19 April 1984:

I, SIR NINIAN MARTIN STEPHEN, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby declare: ..."

Prime Minister of Australia: National Symbols: Australia's National Anthem

The Prime Minister's national anthem page

Australian National Anthem at The Australian Computer Society

Audio (in Real Audio and AU format) of Dr. Melville Da Cruz, Kings College, Cambridge

"'Advanced Australia Fair': The Improved Words to 'Advance Australia Fair'"

"Australians all, we've lost our voice,
For we are old and tired;
We've ceased our toil and sold our soil;
Our credit has expired.
We can't afford to pay our board,
And so we say this prayer
On bended knees. Will someone please
Advance Australia's fare. "

Australian Christian Coalition

With Christ our head and cornerstone,
We’ll build our nations might;
Whose way and truth and light alone
Can guide our path aright;
Our lives a sacrifice of love,
Reflect our Masters care
With faces turned to heav’n above
Advance Australia Fair!

Misheard: "Our land is dirt by sea"

"This is Australia's National Anthem, and so gets sung a lot.

Sydney Morning Herald ran a couple of amusing kid's versions:-

'Australians all are sausages'
'are ostriches'

and my favourite for the third line:

'with silver bells and cockle shells'

and the fourth:

'Our land is dirt by sea'".


"Australian's all have ostriches, four minus one is three!"

Alternative Australia Fair

"Don't you love national anthems, with all their infantile nationalism and puerile flag-waving? No? Then you might take to this rework of the Australian national anthem by Grace Eliot."

Australians all let us rejoice
We're young and old and free.
We're every race, we're gay and straight,
A proud diversity.
We've different abilities,
But each has much to share,
In rainbow voice, let us rejoice,
Advance Australia Fair.

Tim Fischer writes to Ausflag (1996)

Tim Fischer (at that time, Deputy Prime Minister) wrote to Ausflag, "All I can do is repeat my words of March 1995 that I support the continuance of the existing Australian Flag and that I 'confirm my support for designating the Waltzing Matilda song as our National song parallel with our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair'".

soc.culture.australian FAQ

"Australians never had a choice,
Had they the eyes to see,
That any Royal could only spoil Republic luxury;
With leaps and bounds opinion shifts,
Where most just couldn't care :
The silent rage, an equal wage,
And pinch-free underwear;
We'll raise a glass to anything,
You poms stay over there."